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Got Jesus?
Do you know that God loves you? He loves you very much and wants to be your best friend. But the Bible says sin keeps us from God. Do you know what sin is? Sin is doing or thinking something that God does not like. Sin is doing things we know are wrong. Everyone sins.
The Bible tells us that because we sin we deserve to die. But God loved us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die in our place. Jesus never sinned. He was perfect. After Jesus died on the cross and was buried, He came back to life. Jesus is in Heaven now and wants us to live there with Him.
If you want God to be your best friend this is what you need to do:
Repent - This means that you are sorry that you sin. You must ask Him to forgive you and ask Him to help you to obey Him.

Believe - You must believe that Jesus died in your place and is alive today. You must believe that Jesus is the only way you can get to Heaven.

Receive - You must invite Jesus into your life. You must make Him the most important thing in your life. You must try to obey Him everyday.

If you truly want God to be your best friend you need to tell Him. Talking to God is called prayer. You can say this prayer or put it in your own words.
Dear God, thank You that You love me. I believe Jesus died for me and is alive today. I know Jesus is the only way for me to have a special relationship with You. I know that I am a sinner, and that my sin is against You. Please forgive me of all my sins. Help me to obey and please You the rest of my life. Jesus, I invite You to come into my life to be my Lord and Savior. I choose to live for You instead of myself. Thank You for hearing me and answering this prayer. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
If you said this prayer and really meant it you will live forever in Heaven after you die. That is called eternal life.
People who love God are called Christians. Christians should grow every day. Here are some things that make us grow as Christians.
Be baptized
Go to church with other Christians
Read and study your Bible
Tell others about Jesus




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