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North American Mission Board

The North American Mission Board assists Southern Baptists in their task of fulfilling the Great Commission in the United States, Canada and their territories through a national strategy for sharing Christ, starting churches and sending missionaries, in cooperation with Acts 1:8 Partners.

On Target Sportsman's Ministries

On Target Sportsman's Ministries is dedicated to targeting sportsmen with
the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.  They accomplish this mission
through sportsmen rallies, wild game dinners, kid's camps, and by producing
Christian hunting DVDs.

Kingsway Archery

Mitch Weener and Kirt Walbrink are the owners of KINGSWAY ARCHERY. Together they have over 60 years of bow hunting experience and over 43 years of engineering and machining back ground. When they started out they wanted to help archers shoot more accurately, have more confidence in their shooting abilities, and not just follow the crowd. As you know, peep sights have always been a hindrance to the archer, especially in low light conditions, that’s why they developed the TRIAD Hunting Sights.  They have two models that eliminate the need for a peep sight all-together, and one model that allows you to use a peep sight if you desire.

Outdoor Legacy

OutdoorLegacy is a Christian ministry that equips men with a clear understanding of manhood, spurring them to invest themselves into their sons and daughters or other young men's lives.

Bass Attacks DVD

A super action packed DVD by Chris Bowser.  Bass Attacks brings you to the table as the fast and furious largemouth bass dines for the camera!  Get close-up open water action, nesting and feeding habits.

Out of Doors Inspiration

Official website of Bob Green- Great Inspirational books for outdoorsmen, fishermen & hunters- life, family & Jesus Christ.

Anglers' Legacy

Remember your first fishing trip? Sure you do, and you certainly remember who took you. That experience is probably why you are still fishing today. Since then, you've probably taken others fishing yourself, sharing the activity that has become such an important part of your life and who you are. That's what Anglers' Legacy is all about.




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