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Great bait to use in shallow water in spring and fall.  Comes in sizes 1/4 oz. to 1 oz.and more.  Also come in many colors and blade combinations


The jig is a versitle lure used almost year round.  The jig can be fished shallow in spring and winter and deep during the summer.  Sizes 1/4 oz. to 1 oz. +.  Comes in many colors and always used with some type of plastic trailer.


The crankbait or "plug" can be used year round.  Comes in many sizes, shapes and colors.  The larger the bill, the deeper the lure goes.  Most go from 0-20' deep.


This versitle lure comes in many sizes and colors.  Will catch most anything from trout to bass.


This lure rigged with a hook and weight (sinker) can be pitched around bushes and docks to catch lots of bass.


Looks just like a real crawfish, the main food source of bass.  This bait is used in combination with a weight (sinker) and hook.


This bait looks like a worm or small snake, food for many fish.  This bait is used with a weight (sinker) and hook.




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