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Fishing Tips


  • Fishing is best early morning and late afternoon
  • Fish like to hide around rocks & trees- fish there
  • When fishing muddy water, use bright colored & noisy lures
  • Docks are good places for you to fish- always ask permission
  • Bluegills always hangout under docks & are often easy to catch
  • Live baits such as worms, crickets & grasshoppers are good baits for beginners
  • Spinnerbaits & spinners are easy baits for you to use
  • Always be careful and watch out for sharp hooks
  • Always keep your fishing area clean
  • Always wear a life jacket when you are in a boat
  • If you don't get a bite, move to a new spot.  Fish move often
  • Sometimes fish can take your bait without you knowing.  Check your hook often
  • Always be patient and don't get discouraged



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